Today I saw rain in Australia for the first time. And boy, did I see it. After an absolute scorcher yesterday, Melbourne was a cool 15 degrees today, with rain on and off (mostly on) throughout the day.

Timmy and I went to check out one of Chez’ (formerly incorrectly referred to as ‘Cherz’ – the silent “r” is king around these parts of the world) properties in Essendon. Essendon is like a TMR-type area, with some really nice homes, as well as some apartments for rent. We looked at an apartment for rent, not a really nice home!

It’s an older place, but has been taken care of. The carpet in the living room looks like it could have been in style for my grandmother’s grandmother, but it’s sort of so incredibly womanly that it’ll pass as a great conversation starter. Timmy and I don’t care enough to start ripping up the carpet…

I’m talking/typing as if we’re getting this place… Well, we are applying for it. And if all goes well, we will get it and move in mid-October. At that point I’ll need to buy a few things.

Uh oh, gotta run for dinner… Shepherd’s pie and chicken with mushroom and mashed potato.