Daniel has over 21 years’ experience as a consumer and enterprise technology specialist. In 2002, Daniel co-founded Zedmo, a location-based online social media engine that focuses on creating geo-social communities around news, events, and places.

In 2004, Daniel joined IsaiX where he currently serves as Director of Research and Development. Daniel oversees the company’s product development, covering web and mobile applications. Having been responsible for migrating IsaiX to their own cloud hosting infrastructure, Daniel leads all strategic technology initiatives for the company. Daniel’s development mandate includes the introduction of new products targeted at IsaiX’s core verticals, as well as the management and direction of ongoing upgrades to Coach Technology®, Chyma®, Burst Tools®, The Mindfield Game® and other enterprise technology solutions being used by large institutions, including most divisions of TD Canada Trust, Microsoft, Bombardier, and Michelin. Daniel has worked on consulting projects designing social media strategies for Deloitte and for a regiment of the Department of National Defence. Daniel’s expertise puts IsaiX in a position to leverage today’s latest technologies to enrich the work-life balance of hundreds of thousands of employees at IsaiX’ client organizations.

Daniel founded Soaq in 2016. Soaq is a corporate content hub that gets the right key information to the right employees, at the right time. Soaq also provides professional services in the design and development of custom software solutions. Soaq Studio is a boutique video production house that specializes in budget-friendly corporate communications.

An experienced professional in business development, marketing, product design & development with a sprinkling of web and graphic design, Daniel has worked in Software, Mobile, Telecommunications, Sports Management and Organizational Effectiveness (including training, coaching and L&D).

Specialties: Product design and direction including UX/UI, product and project management, team leadership, sales and account management, traditional and online marketing, business development, training technology, mobile application design and development.


Who am I?

I am truly passionate about technology – I love creating natural interactions between people and machines, leveraging the best of what’s out there and making our lives easier and more fun. I am incredibly lucky to have worked with so many A+ people and teams.

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