This morning I woke up at around 6:30, as Timmy needs to get up for work at around that time. I found out that I did quite a bit of noisemaking in my sleep last night, but it didn’t bother Timmy. Phewf. We’re going to be living like this (our two beds basically attached) for the next few weeks, so I better not annoy him too much!!

Last night I met Courtsy (Brenton) and Cherz (Cheryl) – our roommates, along with Cherz’ sister, Glorz. Basically no one here uses a real name. I am now officially Wolfie. “Daniel” just isn’t exciting enough.

Timmy made us all dinner – a pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and avocado – it was quite good, although it had a strange aftertaste, which Cherz tagged as tasking something like a stainless steal screwdriver dipped in gasoline. Yummm!!

I tried my first true Victorian beer, Carlton Draught – quite good! I’ve learned that beer here is quite expensive – a 24-pack is $40… Not cheap. But just as refreshing as back home, which is nice.

Before the mall closed we headed back to the Three kiosk where I made up my mind to go with them, and signed up for a cap with a BlakBerry plan, so I’m live again – exciting! I also am about to sign up for a great plan that’s $5 extra per month that gets me 100 minutes of talk time to Canada and the US – pretty awesome deal!

This morning I had a meeting with Fitzy (Ben Fitzsimmons), who works at Hays on Collins street. That went really well. I’ll be seeing Fitzy again tonight, so we’ll discuss a little further…

Tonight we’re heading out and I’ll meet a bunch more of Timmy’s friends. Mitch (from Montreal) is coming out tonight as well, his wife Samara is on call. It should be a good night!

Videos are still tough to get online, I also have a bunch of photos. Please stay tuned!!