Wow, this is big. Mitch & Samara are the first ever people to have a Montreal2Melbourne blog title in their honor.

On a side note, I have to give a shout out to Alfredo, who was up at 6 in the morning to bring me to the airport with my parents and my sister. Thanks, Alfy.

So last night we went to a bar called Waterside Hotel (apparently a lot of bars here have “hotel” in the name even though they aren’t hotels!) on Flinders and King. We watched Brisbane lose pretty badly to Western. We were pulling for Brisbane, because of some dude that plays for them who is apparently the toughest mofo around. He was playing with a “possible” broken cheekbone!

Mitch came to meet us at Waterside, Samara was on call last night. At Waterside I was introduced to Albs (Ben Albany) and Wado (Wade), along with Wado’s girlfriend, Lauren. Strange that she doesn’t have a nickname! We had a few beers there, then after the footy game was over, went to another bar, but I can’t remember the name of it. It was very cool, pretty high up a tall building, with an outdoor section, and a great view of downtown Melbourne.

I don’t remember much of last night, as it was then that I hit the wall. Jetlag finally kicked in. I was so cocky, thinking I was completely fine from the flight and time difference. Oh, how little did I know… All I really remember is a few times being woken up by a good shoulder shake. Mitch tells me that at one point I was completely asleep, chin resting on my chest! I was so impressive last night, that Albs, who I met for the first time about 12 hours earlier, sent a text message to Timmy this morning, “tell Daniel I have his purse”.


I slept at Mitch & Samara’s last night. It was great, we arrived and Samara had already set me up with my very own toothbrush, toothpaste, a shower towel, and a comfy bed. Mitch also lent me PJs. Apparently this amazing hosting is a strong theme in Melbourne! We had a nice chat last night and all went to bed. I woke up pretty early again this morning, I guess my clock is still a little off… But I slept well.

Samara took Mitch and I to a great breakfast place, where we had “baked eggs”. I also had EXCELLENT pear juice. Every sip was a bite out of a pear, it was amazing.

Over breakfast the three of us discussed all the activities we need to do between now and March. Tomorrow Mitch and I will take a Melbourne city bus tour, while Timmy goes to watch some of his friends play footy in a pretty popular amateur matchup. Maybe Mitch and I will go check it out…

Right now I’m at home, Timmy’s at his friend Sam’s birthday bash (which, apparently, always start in the afternoon – these people know how to drink!). I was supposed to nap but didn’t even close my eyes. I’m meeting Timmy at Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) tonight at 6:30 so I have a bit of time for a quick nap if I need one – which I do… We’re going to see Adelaide (The Crows) play Collingwood. We’re going for Adelaide – I have their jersey! Or “jumpa” as it’s called around here.

OK, gonna try to get some shuteye before this life-changing sporting event tonight. I will bring my Flip video camera and get some footage. I’m sorry again about having no photo/video on the site yet, it’s coming!!