Tonight Timmy and I realized that every Wednesday night, we should be eating dinner at Waterloo, where they have $5 parmas and $3 pots.

You following me?

I was lost, too. Classic case of “I thought this country spoke my language” syndrome. One of these days I’m going to fill a complete post with new terms that I had never heard before. I just can’t think of them all now.

Parma = chicken parmesan
Pot = half pint of beer
Grausse (sp?) = awesome
Shocking = horrible
Ordinary = not good
Punt = bet
Nackered = exhausted
Wee = pee, but it’s actually a cool term
Poo = same as above, but for a number two

On the way to Waterloo, Timmy decided it was time for me to drive. As he had added me to his car insurance the day I arrived in Melbourne, I was legal behind the wheel, although I felt more dangerous than an 87-year old Quebecer driving in Florida. It is VERY weird, driving on that side of the car, on that side of the road. Really bizarre. But I got used to it, sort of, during my 1.1km drive.

After dinner we came back, Wado came over, we hung out for a bit, then I had a Skype dance party with my 58-week old nephew. What a day!