Shoeless and determined, the group made way to an emerald-blue lake at 5,000 feet, here. Starving and weak, they had to set aside their standards for food, and settle on pizza with homemade dough, tons of mozzarella, too much tomato sauce, pepperoni, and red peppers. The poor guys couldn’t even find onion for their pizza. As if their “dinner” wasn’t bad enough, Noah had to sleep with his head on a rock, Devin slept in a sleeping bag that was meant for beach camping in the Caribbean, and Daniel K lost a pair of top-quality socks to Daniel W’s footwear malfunction.

At 7:00am, the tent of Daniel W and Noah (which, contrary to many people’s beliefs, was actually a 2-man tent, just not an overly roomy one) was awoken by Daniel K’s voice, calling:

“Hey, can one of you stick your head out the tent for a sec?”

The camp was covered in white, fluffy snow. This is where the term “roughing it” comes from.



The Aftermath: